Ring is a broadcasting writer's office
that make our ideas come true
and also talent agency.
HITOMI is the only one talent
with us so far.


I previously had heard an interesting math.
The probability that people-to-people encounter is approximately 18 parts per billion for the entire population of the world.

In other words, we often hear the "encounter" is like finding a ring that was dropped in the Sahara after a year ...,It's a such a "miracle".
"Encounter" is a "miracle" and the "miracle" is produced by the "connection".

"Ring" will take care of the "connection".
Circle of people is created by the connection. That is our company.

"Connection" has so much energy which could change someone’s life.
If the people who have the connection get together, I'm sure something will change.

We "Ring" believe our power of the team.
We believe in miracles "connection" by created who have “connections”.

Creating a partnership with people and helping for joy and pleasure of them.
It is the role of the "Ring".


Ring Ltd. representative director Takahiro Kawano


Ring Ltd. representative director Takahiro Kawano


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HITOMI has started modeling when she was 14.

At the age of 19, she went to Vancouver (Canada) to study English 

and finished high school and college in Toronto.

While going to university in Toronto,

she started modeling again and put on a cover of a magazine.

After 10 years of stay, she came back to Japan and

made her debut in the TV drama as an actress in 2011 and also came out with stage acting in 2012.

HITOMI has been with Ring since January 2015.

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